Conditions of sale

All the works are to be in good condition unless otherwise indicated.

When the book binding isn't indicated it means the work is in paperback

The unavailability of some of the selected works does not void the rest of the order.

The shipping fees are paid by the customer. Don't forget to indicate the preferred means of delivery, whether by regular mail or private carrier.

Mailing Fees.

Cash on Delivery (COD) (Paquete Azul, Home delivery in 7 days maximum) From 1-5 kilograms 6€
From 5-10 kg 8€

Service Fees by private carrier MRW (Home delivery in 2 days maximum)
From 1-5 kg 6€
From 5-10 kg 8€
More than 5 kg determined according to applicable fees.

For overseas orders consult fees.

Forms of payment

COD by regular post or private carrier.
Money order.
Personal check.
Bank transfer (LA CAIXA 2100-0941-25-0200167020).
Credit card (VISA/MasterCard). Indicate card number and expiration date.


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